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We are very excited to announce that our heritage project has received funding from National Heritage Lottery!

Salute! Home Front Heroines of Haghill - more info.

28th  June 2019 6:30

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A Community History and Drama Project to mark the centenary of the Signing of the Treaty of Versailles and celebrating the unsung heroines of Haghill, - both THEN and NOW.

The project has been developed by Jack Dickson and Marta Mari.

Featuring Jack Dickson’s play Etta’s War directed by Mary McCluskey.

Community Music workshops will be led by Wendy Weatherby

Community Theatre and Writing workshops will be led by director Kirstin McLean

Salute! is a tribute to the mothers, wives, sisters and daughters of Haghill who fought battles of their own on the Home Front, here in Glasgow while war raged in Europe and beyond. Battles against injustice; battles for the right to have a say in how their country was run – battles to put food on their tables and holds their families together in the face of Change. These were strong women and formed the bedrock of their community: their worlds were shattered by loss – but they picked up the pieces, as women always do, to rebuild what was lost in their own small corner of a much bigger world.

One hundred years ago, these women faced great challenges and pulled together to overcome those challenges. One hundred years on, in 2019, the women of Haghill and wider Dennistoun can – and ARE – doing the same thing.

Thematically, the subject of Salute! is the Challenge of Change: how we handle change, how we resist it – how we can become instruments of change ourselves, transforming our own lives, the lives of those we love and our local communities.

Sparked off by the lives of real women from the period and using Census records, we will be holding a series of intergenerational, family-friendly creative workshops and events for local schools and the general public, during April / May 2019, to investigate the connections and discover resonance between where we live now and who lived there 100 years ago. These workshops and events will be held in Dennistoun Library, Bluevale Community Hall and of the streets of Haghill itself.

By learning and sharing these women's stories we can begin to tell - and share - our own. And these first, small steps can effect big changes in all our lives.

The culmination of these workshops and events will be a performance of “Etta's War”, an immersive, site-specific drama set over the years 1914-1919, which will be performed in Bluevale Community Hall on the evening of Friday 28 th  June 2019, exactly a century after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Inspired by real women from Haghill and using material generated by the workshops, “Etta's War” will involve professional and emerging actors, local musicians and singers along with students from the Kelvin College.

The project is generously supported by National Heritage Lottery Fund

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If you live in Glasgow and would like to get involved in the project do get in touch!

We will soon announce our workshops so stay tuned!