Adventures of the Little Prince


Join the magical world of the Little Prince. Draw him a sheep, help him clear his garden of baobabs and accompany him on his travels. Meet many odd characters; from a very reasonable king to a person who wishes to be admired and applauded by all. Let yourself be transported into a poetic world, and glean some French words along the way!

A unique adaptation of the much loved book by Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Le Petit Prince. Incorporating dance and movement, the show offers a magical interactive theatre experience for young audiences. Featuring original music by Emily-Rose Conlon.

Debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2012.



Story beautifully told. Amazing costumes, funny characters and great music! My 5 year old son was very excited about the show all the way home. It reminded me of my childhood when I first read the story.

Audience member

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Creative Team

MartaMariMarta Mari, Artistic Director

AgatheAgathe Girard, Little Prince & Choreographer

8015874673_952a286288_hMolly Blunder, Performer

baby-and-boyJessica Nicholls, Performer

aHJP1YZl_400x400Emily-Rose Conlon, Composer

Ellen Rey de Castro, Costume Designer

Krzysztof Szypczynski, Visuals Set Designer

Amy Westwood, Costumer Supervisor & Maker

Lowri Allen, Costume Maker

Maja Paszynska, Production Assistant

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Daniel Cunningham, Production Assistant



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