We are all looking for something in life. Some people look for a taste of childhood, others for the love of their lives, the perfect portrait, self-confidence, or even aliens. Many search for a companion, and try to fill the void after losing someone close. Some even search for themselves – their true selves. Sometimes the search fills our entire life, and we lose ourselves living in illusion…

In Spring 2014, we presented nine compelling performances on StageCoach Buses no 40 and 55 with a final showcase at Discover 21. Each performance was a total surprise to the passengers, although we did give away a few hints on Facebook. All of our characters were looking for something.


Pop-up theatre has been taken to new lengths.

All Edinburgh Theatre

I was on the 40 earlier. I had no idea what was going on. I have to admit to feeling a little bit scared of Cal and his home made torch. It was very good – I only wish I had known for sure that you were an actor from the start. Then I would have enjoyed it more instead of worrying you were going to torch the bus!

Audience member

I thought this was someone crazy. But after a few moments I thought his articulation was really good. Too good for a crazy lunatic! I then thought this must be an actor!

Audience member



Creative Team

MartaMariMarta Mari, Artistic Director

Steven Fraser, Writer

Andrew Stott, Writer6cec107b04137013a113fd4bb90a30a1

JackDicksonJack Dickson, Writer

Stephen Barnaby, Writer

Gary Dooley, Writer

Sylvia Dow, Writer

Laura McIntyre, Writer

David McVey, Writer

Nora Smith, Writer

Agathe Girard, PerformerAgathe

Michael Daviot, Performer

Lance Fuller, Performer

Ilektra Gouni, Performer

Beth Kovarik, Performer

Angela Milton, Performer

Adam Tomkins, Performer