Here are selected press reviews of our productions:

Fraxi Queen of the Forest

“Delightful child-friendly show which combines dance, bright costumes and an easily comprehensible fairytale plot in order to talk about life, death and how change is the only constant.

That it does so in an engaging, life-affirming way is all to the credit of the team at Asylon Theatre and its artistic director Marta Mari”.

Boadway Baby

Edinburgh Fringe 2016

“Not only does this surprising topic make a compelling drama, it holds its young audience absolutely captivated”.

Roadway Baby

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

"It’s a sweet tale simply told, and suitable for young children. The four performers present the story in compelling, vibrantly physical style, with wonderful DIY costumes and a bit of gentle interactivity with the children in the audience enriching the experience. director Marta Mari has ensured that the nicely freighted educational content comes across smoothly and without preaching."  


Edinburgh Fringe 2015

“I have often felt that the Fringe has a lot for very young children and a lot for older ons but little for the 8-12 age group. Fraxi Queen of the Forest is the perfect show for them. Intelligent, thoughtful, thoroughly researched and relevant, with beautiful costumes and first class performances”.

Fringe Review

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

“A breath of fresh air to see such a thoughtful show brought to the younger audience”.

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

“love letter to nature's guardians, a gentle, buoyant, lyrical mix of folklore and science, performed by three loving storytellers”.

The List

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

“The whole show is engaging from begining to end. Loved it so much, can watch it several times. Its amazing”.

Primary Times

Edinburgh Fringe 2015

24h Plays Edinburgh

“A menagerie of theatrical talents fight against the clock”

The Wee Review

Interview with Marta Mari on 24h Plays Edinburgh


“Touch is one of those shows where everything is exactly as it should be, from the writing to the performing to the sound design. A truly unique theatre experience, it tests the limits of your own compassion and leaves you questioning the very nature of human connections and relations”.

Broadway Baby

“The writing is strong, Myers manages to introduce a number of ideas without the performance feeling too like a lecture. Wizental has also worked hard to absorb the script, draw it from the page and imbue it with life. Marta Mari’s directing is both unobtrusive and sensitive – she allows the text to breathe and provides the performer with a basic framework from which to work. She has not overcomplicated the performance with difficult movement or transitions and overall, it feels like a very confident and mature piece of work”.

Fringe Review

“Touch is gentle, simple, and honest. You cannot help but feel for Jacky as she stands wide-eyed on the small stage, eager to connect with us but clearly terrified of the possibility. The escalation of intensity and trauma is well-paced, and never sensationalised”. 

Plays at Plays

“Pop-up theatre has been taken to new lengths”

All Edinburgh Theatre

Home Sweet Garden

“A very enjoyable and concise show about the pleasures of nature – with an important message that we need to look after it. We would recommend it to children 7 and under, who are curious about the world - and if you are looking for a little meaning with your entertainment”.

Primary Times

“Describe the show in five words!

Sweet, enjoyable, good puppets, about the environment and nature”.

Fest Mag