Third Breast


They’ve created a perfect place to live. Everyone is equal, until one person’s fear of uniqueness destroys it all.

Identity, power and manipulation are explored in this intriguing Polish drama by Ireneusz Iredynski. We all wonder at some point of our lives whether there is a place on Earth where our problems would be irrelevant, where money wouldn’t matter, where we could truly be ourselves. When people become tired of living in a world that only brings them misery, they decide to buy a big piece of land and create a new world for themselves. In this play we see what happens to people when they get addicted to power; we think about what it really is that makes us want to leave our homelands and why are there so many people who are afraid to be different – who follow uncomfortable fashions just to fit in. Third Breast shows three individuals struggling with these dilemmas whilst searching for their identities.

Debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2009.



Creative Team

MartaMariMarta Mari, Artistic Director

Catherine Grosvenor, Translator

Jacquie Clayton, Sarah

Jennifer Byrne, Eva

Andrew McIntosh, Joe

Sophie Donaldson, Costume Designer


Robert Motyka, Visual Designer

Ela Masiak, Composer