“People can be such gentle, well-meaning, stupid, kind idiots. I love people.”

Jacky used to teach people how to see and understand each other better. When she starts to find that difficult in her own life, it unleashes a dark habit from within her. Despite her lifetime of training, Jacky no longer wants you to see and understand her as well as you wish. But that’s the reason you came! Supported by original acoustic music, Touch is a warm and charming hour that guides you through the calamitous corners of our sense of self-worth. Jacky tells her story while struggling with her addictive need to harm herself, both inspired by and comforted by the audience. Through the zenith of her struggles, she comforts the audience in return.

Debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2015.


A truly unique theatre experience, it tests the limits of your own compassion and leaves you questioning the very nature of human connections and relations.

Broadway Baby ★★★★★

A great piece of work from an exciting new company.


Gentle, simple, and honest. You cannot help but feel for Jacky as she stands wide-eyed on the small stage, eager to connect with us but clearly terrified of the possibility.

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Creative Team

MartaMariMarta Mari, Artistic Director

Ciarán Myers, Playwright

159613Katarzyna Wizental, Actor


Raymond Considine, Composer/Musician

1224794Ellen Rey de Castro, Designer